Saturday, October 24, 2009

Communitarian Alternative: Open_Notes 8

socialism, pacifism, organized church activity, ngo's, and other aspects of worldly life = inadequate patching on a social system that needs to be discarded and replaced - the promise of the corporate kingdom has replaced the promise of the Kingdom of God, the almighty dollar has replaced Almighty God in the affairs of men -- the real in_com = inclusive community: good works, physical salvation, light of a sound mind (let your light so shine before men), habitus -- the consequences of decisions made by human beings - we can make different choices, to institutionalize different values - somewhere there is a deep consciousness for change - a post-corporate world - not-for-profit stakeholder co-ops, family firms, etc. -- restored to health, of a sound mind, self_controlled.

people of conscience vs. property elevated above the human condition; the elevation of humanity above the bottom-line -- the paradox of prosperity = affluenza; depression - the living_standard vs. living standards -- the corporation is a fiction, a manifestation of mind -- Americanada Inc. -- monetary repression, oppression -- disassemble [to take apart], disassembly of the common_cause - dissemble [to conceal under a false appearance; SAGE] - the dissociation of humanity -- don't believe in the victimizer - maintain your sense of self-respect, dignity - life is more than just enduring and surviving.

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