Wednesday, October 28, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 10

the media tells us who and what is important - the media is an important part of peer culture - attitudes and opinions shaped; situations remote to most people moulded and accepted, ie., international events, affairs -- a narrow corporate ideal of the "woman image", ie., Barbie (instilling an image in the young); Disney "babes", ie., Ariel, [the Ariel Syndrome] old-fat-madeup Sea Witch grants Ariel legs in exchange for her voice (women must whisper; women talk too much; self-esteem, censorship) inorder to marry her love -- the art of catching a man: makeup; a non-fat, troubled food relationship; a very narrow corporate ideal is internalized by most young women; 33-23-33 the average measurements of models; 36-18-33 the measurements of Barbie; the average woman is 5'4", 132lbs., the average model is 5'9", 110lbs., only 05% of women can have these bodies - the artificial is deemed the ideal !! -- the media glamorizes sexual encounters; the governing sensual aspect of our lives; sexual relationships presented as a contest with a reward; sexual references in sitcoms, movies, etc., show young women who get rewarded and who does not, ie., Ali McBeal - the media-entertainment environment also includes much violence against women, victimization -- the masquerade of femininity; the gender ideology of America; women who say "no" are ridiculed, while the women who match the ideal are rewarded financially; the corporate "super-woman icon".

NIKE "Just Do It" (on the backs of Indonesian workers, mostly women) [consider that NIKE "swoosh" a whip-mark of the back of a slave] -- women must become aware of the ads that insult and demean women; we must teach others; opposing parties should be encouraged (opposed to the pose) - the media are *constructions*, they are made by someone - the word "feminism" must be reclaimed; feminism(s) are many, women must "talk back", women must resist -- male objectification is rising, males must resist vs. GI Joe, Coke ads, etc., the *media construction of gender* must be recognized and resisted !! -- [Notes 9,10] [NPR, Alternative Radio, feminist-professor of Media Studies, Univ. of Michigan, Susan Douglas, "Media Representations of Women", Aug.05.00, with [insert]]

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