Friday, October 30, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 8

we are not globalizing our civic culture, we are globalizing our commercial culture - earning our money to be a good consumers; when are we going to be good citizens? - America is a multicultural society; the question is not whether America can survive globalization, the question is can the world survive America [here defined as corporate America with it's small "g" god, the emmonic (emotion/money: the psychosis(-sys)), the SAGE usurpation; this is not the America enshrined in her people] - the result of America's role in globalizing is that the world is looking like a particular *kind* of America, a commercialized America defined by its "pop culture" -- the corporate claim that free-trade, open-markets, currency speculation, ideals proposed for the last 10 years = democracy; "market-democracy" or democratic markets, free-capitalism leads to democracy; the message to the world has been to look like America politically you must look like America commercially; the American *myth* -- capitalism works in many different political systems - democracy comes first, capitalism comes second; democracy provided foundations for capitalism, not the other way around (globalization) - 150 years prior to 1776 democracy was building to independence; it was not until after the Civil War [1860's] that free-market, corporate capitalism emerged - Russia today [no civil society] is taking a "capitalist cold-shower" without a democratic foundation, "mafiaocracy" is the result -- the *civil society* sector must be primary, the foundation; where we live; free-institutions, voluntary associations; where we learn citizenship, where we adjudicate interests, where we learn to be engaged, where we learn the art of liberty !!

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