Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 18

the pervasive contamination of humanity and the environment - endocrine disruptor's, chemical contamination of our bodies - legacy of contamination being passed on to our children ie., breast feeding, placenta cross-over -- 1940s reports about DDT contamination, 1962 Rachel Carson "Silent Spring" warning - toxic chemicals = cancer - 1996 "Our Stolen Future", what are the consequences?, a continuance of "Silent Spring" - we have to move our thinking beyond cancer and embrace new concepts ie., the endocrine disruption concerns, etc. - these are unifying themes beyond cancer (still a major concern, but not the only one) -- so-called "normal" background levels must be a new focus; chemical messengers tricking (mimicry) the messages (wrong instructions; hormones), not the genome itself (as in mutations) - pre-natal life is most vulnerable; timing is just as important as the dose (cancer, deformities, gender development, etc.), ** disrupted development **.

many plastics are biologically active, they leach contaminates, ie., polycarbonates (baby bottles, can linings, etc.) leeches Phenol A (brain function harm); inert chemicals used with pesticides are estrogenic (salmon fry development arrested; male sea otter contamination) -- learning disabilities, attention deficit linked to organic pollutants -- a global phase-out must be implemented; DDT is still being used around the world; these chemicals are being deposited all over the earth, especially the arctic -- fertility, immune function in humans and animals is in direct threat -- chemical-by-chemical study and censure is impossible -- metabolites used against insects ie., juvenile hormone mimics are not regulated; they are a direct threat to humanity (all invertebrates) - pesticides in our diet are also a direct threat -- classes of chemicals must be banned collectively; precautionary principle (if you suspect something is bad, do not use it; corporate proof requires dead bodies) -- ** human health and potential is being threatened ** -- the EPA is not protecting us; no one is in control; present protection is an illusion !! - OUR BODY CHEMISTRY IS BEING CHANGED !!

the greatest hazards are to the unborn !! - persistent hazards are carried in animal fat, ie., cheese, meats, and plastics - hormone systems are extremely complex, ie., soy formula for male infants may interfere with hormonal messages [estrogen questions] -- infant brain and behavior development impacted by a mother's contamination levels before birth and during breast feeding; mechanistic impairment; thyroid disruptor's, impairment (ADD; thyroid receptor(s) not receptive may be one cause) - the corporate "great global experiment" must cease !! -- [NPR, Alternative Radio, science journalist Diane Dumanosky, co-author "Our Stolen Future", Nov.18.00]

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