Friday, October 30, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 11

our important needs for community, religion, relationships, family get set aside; we have no time for the important needs; increasingly commerce creeps in everywhere, ie., the Internet; an encroachment; both the state and the market were to be facilitators but are now usurpers -- the decreasing of plurality of markets around the world; people are compound beings, growth and development only comes through the "slow" - our culture caters to the 12 year-old in all of us vs. the spiritually increased; we don't cater to the parts of us that we most admire, we cater to the most juvenile, base aspects - civilization and culture were designed to cater to the highest and best in us; slow and patience vs. the fast and easy (giving us what we want) -- America is exporting our trash, a cartoon existence; we are losing the best of our civilization; culture and play, religion and education; we learned to take one another seriously in the local neighborhood, where democracy was born; community - we need global civic institutions, people-to-people, neighbor-to-neighbor, people with shared interests, civic infrastructure, not around government but around our commonalities - we need to branch out to each other -- Europe is being built around the new "Euro" not around its people, a technocratic corporate entity NOT civic in nature; *civil society* (the third way, the third realm) must be exported, the America of civil rights, worker rights, democracy NOT the America of Disney and company. -- [Notes 8-11] [NPR, Alternative Radio, Benjamin Barber (Rutger's Univ.) "McWorld and the Free-Market Threat To Democracy", Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, Dec.99, with [inserts]]

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