Friday, October 30, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 13

making social revolution inevitably means being in society, making a concerted attempt to articulate society's discontents to itself [ministrant]; a comprehensive critique of society; through a process of small refusals and developing critique, the possibilities of further refusals, deepened critique and ultimately revolution may be increased; praxis; gradual refusal of participation in the state as well as the broader oppressive architecture of technology [John Connor] -- the real, ultimate value of our ideas will be in leading us to a better way of life, not what we think is a better way of life, or what we want to think is a better way of life, but what people everywhere can embrace as an existence which is happier, freer and simply more fulfilling; it is really important to think in terms of solutions, we see an existence that seems to offer so much more than what we have now, it is up to us to prove it and make it accessible both to ourselves and humanity [John Filiss] -- changing one's personal life, "everyday life", is ultimately the motivation for changing society, and changing society is ultimately the goal of propaganda, and one's personal life and attempts at changing society can serve as propaganda themselves; propaganda of the deed [Leif Fredrickson] -- anarchists are to some degree complicit with the system which oppresses, coerces and exploits them, in part, this is why anarchists want to abolish this system: in order to overcome this enforced complicity [John Moore].

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