Tuesday, October 27, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 15

the distorted lens of corporate media -- our children served up to these corporations - children's programming teamed up with McDonald's, Wendy's, etc., toys with their damaging food -- "playtime, snack time, tot time" marketing strategies combining non-profits (ie., PBS) with for-profit companies -- these are very serious issues -- PBS bowing to corporate pressures vs. underwriters (ie., unions, gay groups, environmental groups, etc.), in programming choices -- independent media are our only hope !! [the Internet is a corporate medium (a private corporate backbone), privatization of which is a threat to open, free, alternative, independent media; we must take back what is ours, we must protect what is ours] - the media giants are the lens through which we see the world, the "mainstream" view, the corporate portal -- the solution is ** all of us **, democracy from the bottom-up vs. manufactured consent !! -- true media is about challenging those in power not about continually lauding them !! - we must see beyond the corporate media claim of analysis not advocacy, we must see through another lens !! [HUMILITY is the lens of God's truth !!] -- [based on NPR, Alternative Radio, Amy Goodman, "Democracy Now", Dec.09.00, with [insert]]

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