Monday, October 26, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 24

we must begin to think of history in more complex ways instead of focusing only on Black History, etc., we are all connected !! -- many women are in prison on conspiracy charges because of their partners being convicted of drug crimes, who in many instances bargain and deal sentence reductions for information, while the innocent women have no information to trade and do the maximum sentence - THESE ARE DRACONIAN LAWS, "three-strikes and you are out" is misapplied in most cases [this is EVIL !!] - we must understand these events; we must think of the future of history, where we are going, what we are able to do to change the coming history !! - we must become activists, we must become involved, we must change the ideas which surround us !! - being an activist means to be active, including mentally active, seeking answers, thinking critically, not giving your consent [without your intent]; we have a vital role(s) to play, a responsibility for the future [and for ourselves] !! -- [Notes 22-24] [NPR, Alternative Radio, black social activist, author and teacher, Univ of Calif., Santa Cruz, Angela Davis, "What will you say in 2030?" Feb.03.01]

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