Friday, October 30, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 15

most of society is not conscious of these inherent dilemmas, or if they are, feel helpless to do anything about it; most are not even aware that they have no choice and seem to agree with the choices made for them; people respond to affirmation not criticism; people must be made aware of these dilemmas within their ideational frameworks, of *their* contradictions and inequality within society; people must grow aware (from within, not from without, self-motivation) of their relationship with each other, to go past the edge of what they know about themselves and discover new aspects [strategic questioning]; we each must carry our own opinions in a way that does not interfere with dialogue, respect and co-creation of alternatives; the direction and energy for change is contained in the people involved in the situation, it must be brought up to the surface and helped to ripen, individually and collectively; we have access, we don't need external permission, we have our own permission [Jonathan Slyk] -- why should the amount of money in someone else's pocket determine the amount of freedom you should have, your access to the commons ?? - if you think one day I will have equal access as the monied, think again, it is a fixed game !! - the SAGE wield a tactical weapon [the "emmonic" (emotion and money wedded together)]; the many are deceived, only a few succeed - the "greed potential" determinant, how big are your dollars; small, medium, or big dollars; the emmonic measurement; what is your emmonic potential, quotient, share ?? - privileged information vs. the common information privilege.

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