Saturday, October 24, 2009

Communitarian Alternative: Open_Notes 9

consumption contraceptive needed to decouple our consumption from the results engendered; a layer of reason -- a demographically divided planet - world population 06B Tue.Oct.12.99 - the income of the richest 225 people = 1/2 the worlds people -- ecological degradation - 1st world disproportionate share -- (the corporate argument that) the resources to sustain economic growth becoming more abundant not more scarce; resources are creations of human ingenuity, technology, innovation; we manufacture our own resources; resource availability will advance vs. all resources (the use of natural resources; the basis) are limited by their rates of renewal -- the food issue debate - population growth, rising levels of consumption - the means of the 1st world to insulate itself from resource scarcity and population growth is not available to the 2nd and 3rd worlds -- decreased consumption needs to be seen as not a loss - extraction and disposal stream vs. "natural" capitalism - profit with conservation needed - waste must be reintroduced into the economy - environment saving activities, markets needed.

a significant correlation between education and employment opportunities for girls and women worldwide with fertility rates, family planning, and food yields; access to farm credit for 3rd world women, the critical inputs needed for food production must be made available -- disparities of wealth increasing, a looming demographic nightmare -- (the corporate argument that)free and open markets the key to prosperity; institutions to create wealth opens the way to all else; growth argument vs. meeting basic needs priority; redistribution of land; access to education, health care, etc., needed prior to free-for-all, capitalistic rule of law, property rights, etc. -- [NPR, Science Friday, "Population Growth", Oct.07.99]

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