Wednesday, October 28, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 6

"how the war is spun" is the real cause of victory !! - mercenary armies of the PR Industry - manipulation of opinion by TNCs - PR consultants: planning and strategy - entering the stream of public discourse [flooding] - PR-Advertising Industry 10B$/yr in the U.S. -- politics-PR-corporate power merged: corporate propaganda protecting corporate power from democracy !! -- understanding the mechanisms and motives of the group mind; engineering consent; an invisible government manipulating the public, democracy - pulling the wires that control the public mind, smoothing democracy, by a small elite -- Edward Bernays, c. WWI-1940s, the father of modern PR [nephew of Sigmund Freud, used Freudian insights into human behavior] -- PR managed perceptions to encourage participation and increase business - symbiotic complicity, PR-media; PR industry vnr's [video news release] shown every night on national news bdcst's; pre-written press releases published every day in np's - this is not journalism, news, this is *marketing madness*, dictating the content of the news we receive, consistent and steady deception !!

private, back door route of money, censorship vs. the public front door - the demise of journalism, a pre-authored media, early-90s 20 TNCs controlling 50% of everything we see and hear, and now almost 100% due to recent mergers - the ideals of journalism lost to the profits of propaganda - the political arm of PR; issues are now managed; triad team: 1. lobbyist 2. grass-root organizing [astro-turf organizer], orchestrated by Fortune 500 corporations [letters to the editor, letters to congress, phone calls, etc.] 3. public servants; media, publicity events; front groups - the public theatre, the theatre of the absurd, the *art of lying* par excellence - legitimate citizen campaigns overwhelmed by corporate funded opposition !! -- [NPR, Alternative Radio, "The PR Industry", talk by the Center for Media and Democracy, publisher of "PR Watch", Jul.22.00]

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