Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 29

man gets in the way of God; faith = common -- the journey underground; rebels: a person who resists authority and control; a person who changes his mind; a radical disordering of the senses, to see things differently, to think differently, and to act in correspondence to this change of thought -- history is changed by dissent; civilization harbors rebels, those who struggle for possession of the future against conformist authority; taboos are broken, forbidden knowledge is received; the fringes of society gives us visionaries; rebels reject censorship and they open doors to new perceptions; the common thread is defiance vs. the narrow-minded face of rigidity - social rebellion; individual autonomy and freedom vs. hierarchies that corrupt - counterculture rebels; society's shadow; revolution is thought carried into action - Adam and Eve the first example of defiance of authority [a story of misdirected rebellion as pure anarchy was offered them, all possibilities yet they comprehended not; God does not represent authority, God represents participation, equality, service, love]; taboos once broken will forever change things; the *meek* [humility, strength of character, community] shall inherit [symbiosis with] the earth vs. unaligned individuals, the corporate; Jesus *is* a revolutionary and social outsider (virtue, reason, impulse vs. man's control) - pure consumption of goods is not enough; not a redesign of government but a repudiation inorder to understand and commune, to achieve the freedom of the dream. -- [based on documentary "Rebels: The Journey Underground", with [inserts]]

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