Saturday, October 31, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 7

we have to go back to making our_own (clothes, food, community); a return to our *senses* vs. not a participant in society but a consumer of society - we have to return to participation; active_citizens; civitas - consuming is not a ladder to reach the top; class distinction - community must be made level; *all* made in the image and likeness of God vs. the cultural hierarchy -- reclaim yourself; take back what is rightfully yours (physically and spiritually); bring back meaning into your life and in the lives of those around you; those who *truly* make you who you are !! - our existence is God ordained; it is not something that has to be bought; we should not need a license to live [money]; our existence is a contribution freely given and distributed !! - our choices in the next few years will determine our children's future; the cumulative weight of *unshared* values, abilities, our social wealth will crush us in our pursuit of private desires, our incomprehensible selfishness (the corporate realm); a diminished, unnourished, ignored conscience will not support us, and our intellect and our society will follow; elevated beings reduced to a base existence, the loss of the spiritual - America must return to herself; the "mainstream" media is an open sewer; we have to return to the "streams of consciousness", the "rivers of truth"; the source is *America*, the *ideal* is enshrined in her people, the collective consciousness, the consciousness reflected in the constitution; diminished values mean a diminished America; we must live the "Sermon on the Mount", the ultimate strength, a society of the gift.

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