Friday, October 30, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 17

social renegade; (re)negation -- who am I when I am with others ?? - who are they when they are with me ?? - environmental feedback; how people react and interact with you; identity, habitus, etc. -- social morals, ethics quick and tasteless; the recipe of life forgotten -- situational ethics; who determines the situation ?? -- calm, collected, concise vs. argumentative, adversarial; we have to ignite the light in others, to provide the kindling needed, not snuff out any spark of interest by a big gust of wind; the light will remove the shadow of oppression -- we must become "David's" vs. Goliath, we must hit Goliath at his weakest point, between the eyes, the "seat of the intellect", the conscious support by society at large [veneration without comprehension]; the rock, the *living* rock, the Word of truth; the SAGE "Stone Kingdom" must be negated, sandblasted out-of-existence, we are the grains of sand [Jacob's pillow stone; stones; the *vision*]; let us reason together !! - contribute your intelligence, your gifts; we must begin to shape events, we must put a stop to events shaping us !! -- we must utilize co-intelligence, strategic questioning; the most appropriate place for us to be is in relationship with each other, acknowledging that you sense reality from your perspective and that a natural confluence in our relationship will bring us to an appropriate place which I, in true humility, don't yet fully know; the fact that you and I will have to rework it considerably to fit our own sensibilities does not contradict the approach; we must be sensitive to human diversity and the ramifications of that diversity [Tom Atlee].

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