Monday, October 26, 2009

State of Our World: Open_Notes 26

where do we move from here; how do we move forward ?? - issues, interim strategies to rally around: 1. we must struggle hard to oppose the madness of the justice system; 2 environmental racism; 3. public education [educational tracking; segregation]; 4. a domestic "Marshall Plan" is needed; community development in all spheres - we must perfect the imperfect American union !!-- a world that is earth-centered and people-centered [GOD CENTERED]; human rights [beyond civil rights] expressed worldwide must be our focus; how dare we call ourselves civilized, how dare we call ourselves human - sustainable development; the contradictions impose too great a price !! - MLK organizing a poor peoples "Economic Bill of Rights" was the reason he was killed; MLK recognized a Human-Rights struggle not just a Civil-Rights struggle; a radical revolution of values needed; MLK challenged the very *nature* of the American nation; the edifice which produces the evil must be restructured -** we must create a new covenant for a new society ** [THE KINGDOM OF GOD]; WE MUST HAVE THE VISION, THE SENSE WHERE WE ARE GOING; ALL THE DAMAGE MUST BE REPAIRED !! -- we are the beneficiaries of this evil systemic; ingrained policies and practises must be erased; grievances must be addressed - WE MUST BE CLEAR IN OUR VISION !! - THOSE OPPRESSED MUST UNDERSTAND THE OPPRESSION OF OTHERS !! - too few people have far, far, too much !! - reparations is a growing cry; those money-LESS, land-LESS, hope-LESS, etc., "reparation" means the REPAIR OF DAMAGE - PEOPLE MUST BE MADE WHOLE AGAIN !! - TRUE REFORM AND REVOLUTION IS MADE ON *HOPE, VISION, COURAGE* !! - we must FORCE the agenda [THE MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION] !! - we must recognize, and know those who have gone before us, our collective ancestry [physically and spiritually]; the vision, valor and dedication exemplified, must be remembered, honored !! -- [Notes 25,26] [based on NPR, Alternative Radio, black civil-rights activist Ron Daniels, director, The Center for Constitutional Rights, "The Color Line in the 21st Century", Feb.17.01, [with INSERTS]]

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