Saturday, October 24, 2009

Communitarian Alternative: Open_Notes 5

an expatriator = one who advocates expatriation, repudiation and anarcho_communitarian values -- the adonim understanding [Adon (H113; H136 Adonay, my Lord), rendered "Lord," meaning Lord as Ruler of the earth; Adonim, the plural of Adon, carries all the meaning of Adon, but to a higher degree; God is the owner and proprietor of the earth, the Lord who rules his own] - Psm 111:10 ... a good understanding have all they who obey His commandments [the communitarian constitution; the 10C]; the recognition of the kingdom and authority of God (God's many names as explanation; the confederation of tribes).

the dom_innate vs. dominate, domination, dominant [DOM, to God, the great, the greatest] - usury in control, democracy non-existent; false usurper god -- usury = usurper -- labor, community groups, ngo's must turn from their tradition of oppositional redistributionism to a new role as creators and generators of wealth - we have to stop demanding a bigger slice of the pie, and start making our own -- we have to listen, to give "ear" [expatriation and repudiation] -- Adonim = sole_proprietorship.

communitarian reform movement -- which generation is going to make the sacrifices needed, ours or our children's or our grandchildren's ?? - we must become a people of deeds, not rhetoric - our very survival is at stake !! -- 2nd American Revolution, active, non-violent EXPATRIATION from the SAGE construct; a reconstruction of constitutional values; federated communities; sovereign individuals -- the begettal and rebirth of the American ideal, a revived and revised American System, the public-Nation -- a recognition needed before the reckoning can begin, a "recognition gospel".

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