Friday, October 30, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 10

private-consumer decisions vs. public-civic decisions; people doing and taking what they want -- in the 1930s we began to think the "state" will take care of us - our autonomy, responsibility destroyed - today the state cannot take care of anything, but now the "market" will take care of us -- privatization of everything including culture, education; selling ourselves to corporations; scientists mostly now working for private interests, patents, vs. the public interest - prisons increasingly in private hands; crime does pay -- we are only globalizing our markets, our corporations, our commercial culture; choice is only about "private" choice NOT public, civic choice - there are no international civic or political institutions only commercial, ie. WTO, the governing institutions -- the culture of "McWorld", the essence of *fast* not slow (ie., democracy, culture, art, education, relationships), the civilization of fast (taking everything out of the social culture, the slow) - the Mall as public-square; total-consumption ethic, no place to rest, slow-down; few restaurants but many food-courts (fast food) - commerce now becomes "needs" not just the manufacture of goods and services; we now have "new needs", ie., records/cd/dvd; new formats, new hardware, etc.

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