Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unlocking The Authority From Within: Open_Notes 19

the matrix is a system, that system is the enemy; most are not ready to be unplugged; many are so inured [to make accustomed to something difficult, painful, etc., habituate], so hopelessly dependent on the system they will fight to the death to protect it; if you are not one of us then you are one of them; the SAGE operons = sentient programs, gatekeepers (everyone and no one); we have to stand, exist outside of their rules -- ignorance is NOT bliss, it is the denial of humanity; who we really are, our God given potential; the Family of God; the matrix cannot tell you who you are, it will deny you; it will deny you your existence !! -- pointing information, a guide to help you find the path; it can only show you the door, you have to walk through it -- only try to realize the truth, don't force the issue, you are the one who has to bend -- know thyself vs. blind faith; God sees all, we must strive to see also; God's many names are our names; our conduct must reflect the knowledge and wisdom given us; this is the EXIT from the matrix -- the matrix can be more real than reality to the many; once we are out we can never really be inserted again -- the beauty, the genius, the marvel of the matrix, yet reality defined by misery, suffering; doing our thinking for us, civilization coopted, the future perfect world is but a dream, never to be reached -- we can approach utopia, it is waiting for us; ZION, the New Jerusalem is a reality !! - it is our choice, only we can make the decision; our own internal logic the determinant; strategic questioning dialogue not adversarial debate; responsible collective inquiry, co-intelligence.

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