Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 11

Ambassadors of love and of the highest thought - knowing that the interests of other human beings are inextricably linked with our own - no longer can we base our existence on our individual happiness - our true salvation and happiness lie in seeing everyone else's interests as equal to our own - to achieve that requires acknowledging that one's defense system (individualism, ego) cannot bring that happiness, instead, it only creates what one is trying to defend oneself against (heartache, loneliness) - but out of our belief in our intrinsic guilt, we have created this existence of a suffering world trying to find a replacement for God in it - the more we seek salvation outside that, the more tragic our life becomes - we can never find the limitless in this limited material experience, and our fears will keep us stuck there unless we transform our fears into a pathway to love - repentance, forgiveness of all past sins, washed clean through Baptism - heaven waits behind fear's gate (broad is the way and wide is the gate).

the Holy Relationship - whereby we become accountable and responsible for our own inner world, rather than trying to change or blame the outer world for feeling the way we do - when we are fully accountable, and engaged in the Holy Relationship, it becomes alive and real because we are no longer in relationship with our self and our needs - we're actually in relationship [with Christ], in a vital, exciting, passionate and creative union, rather than living within the smallness of replaying our past in a dull, boring, stagnant and vicious cycle - it is imperative that we move beyond healing the self, to healing the world. -- [based on Shared Vision Magazine, Mar.98, "Lessons in Love", A Course in Miracles]

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