Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 22

Creators of the First Estate - Lucifer, "god of this world," 1/3 Angels - Theory of Evolution 1/2 correct - authored/developed, not just natural selection; environmental adaptation written in - 1. environment 2. chemicals of life 3. code, blueprints 4. cell(s), to existing life forms (from the beginning), to new code, to new levels of development, versions - university of life -- extinctions (God's eraser) vs. wrong directions, non-compliance with God's directives - punctuated equilibrium -- dinosaurs (the fossil dragons) - 70% life extinction 65M years ago - an asteroid - man the pinnacle of First Estate directives - "man's evolutionary tree" - ultimate development "the image" to receive "the very essence of God, the Holy Spirit" - God reproducing Himself - deep resentment amongst the "creators" - rose in revolt - refused to bow down to "their" creation [they were mistaken in this idea; all are equal] - "War in Heaven" massive destruction - "I will be like the Most High" not "my creation" - Lucifer and his host defeated, cast down to the earth - Satan "adversary, that old dragon" (Gr. drakon, lit. the seeing one) - author of non-directive life forms.

Genesis 1:1 God re-created the earth, as it existed, the directive and non-directive life forms {God is truth] - man given the chance to replace Satan - man failed necessitating "the Word" to put on the nature of man (God becoming part of His creation, giving up His Divinity, to qualify, to become the sacrifice for man (penalty of sin = death; the Creators Life more than equal to the sum of the creation), to pay the price for man's sin, rebellion, to enable man to qualify, to become part of the God Family, the Government of God, to become Creators to finish the Universe (Heb. 2 "all things put under him") - adversarial nature designed by the "adversary" - adversarial nature to be changed upon the return of Christ as Messiah - "healing in His wings," "the restitution of all things."

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