Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 9

hell as a concept to demonize the church's enemy [-Eileen Paigles, "Origins of Satan"] - ritual cosmology - oppression = hell on earth for certain communities -- loving one another is a better way for promoting religion; the brotherhood of man vs. religious terror -- war as a way of life, a mental attitude -- us vs. them -- warriors; warrior identity - to make war, a religious experience - the righteous cause; spirituality in human terms -- warrior alliances, brotherhood on the lowest level -- incursions into the mental battlefield; designed to provoke - ideological objectives - holy crusades of man's making - the best of violence, justified -- in reality, war without winners - machinations to enable machine war - the darker recesses of renegade humanity - political benefits - the vilification of opponents - dynamics of the system priority -- advanced does not equate progression of spirit - advanced (retrograde view component) enabler of base humanity - the SAGE are war criminals of the highest order - the systemic life embrace, lead to believe -- the system will either be dismantled (life) or destroyed (death), the choice is ours to make.

God of our salvation - satisfied with the goodness of thy house - keep and strengthen us - increase our faith with your council and instruction - the form of sound doctrine - we thank you for understanding - the knowledge of the Holy - for the honour and privilege to incline our ears to wisdom - to stand in Thy counsel - to abide with thee, to walk with thee - within Thy Law - to sing with gratitude in our hearts - thank-you for your increase - we pray for the humility, faith, and strength to accept the responsibility that you have given us - God of mercy, God of all comfort, God of our salvation - nourish us in the words of faith and good doctrine - to continue in the faith, grounded and settled.

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