Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 16

multiple (multi-tasking) long-term mentation modality (deep thought, research, knowledge-understanding-wisdom) vs. short-term mentation, shallow, partial knowledge, blind acceptance (so prevalent in our society and religions, ie., haste, short-term gain, prejudgements, impatience, quick answers given and received without thought, situational, scrapbook information, most people believe but do not know, meme's) -- SAGE control (reality infected with a virus - the SAGE virus [= the "emmonic": emotion and money married together]; all aspects of the social message (apotheosys) - power and control -- monied individualism (in reality "insecure self sufficiency", selfishness, private property, accumulation of wealth) used to divide and destroy community (secure self-sufficiency) labelled "freedom" and "democracy" -- intelligence is a matter of focus and application (knowledge and wisdom); brilliance or genius is the result -- "the most severe crisis on the earth today is the human mind - the focus on the economy and economic value equates brain damage - the biosphere is our living - the economy should be inside the biosphere, not the biosphere inside the economy" (-David Suzuki) -- basic needs are NOT negotiable.

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