Saturday, October 3, 2009

Early Imprint:

1. the world as we had known it since the end of WWII was changed in 1989 - in that year, with the impetus leading to the collapse of Soviet Communism, the New World Order - the emergent Global Incorporation of vested business-political interests - had completed its timetable, the use of its Cold War to shape and control the many layers of society we find in the advanced nations today.
2. the common faith of this new order is the same root that has been used throughout history by those backing the governing powers - the SAGE, the "Self-Appointed Guardian Elite" those who provide the life-blood of the corporate body - that faith, the Holy Blood, being Money and the control of it.
3. the power of transNational Capital in this new environment - the New Competitiveness - gives absolute control in all aspects of society to the SAGE with the complete approval and participation of society at large who have been moulded by the religion of nationalism and patriotism - the emotional identity, the cohesive body politic - the religion that has enjoined most other faiths into a supportive role.
4. the use of engineered super-power conflict with its enormous political, financial and military benefits to the ruling body corporate will now be shifted to the emerging sectarian and factional divisions that are appearing as the supposed new freedoms unleash the imprinted personal and group identities - real or imagined - that will constitute the new Common Cause.
5. the New World Order - the control of the new Trilateral Market - Asia, the new Europe and North America with the rest of the world in supportive roles for now, will use the new Common Cause - the resultant systemic inequities and the emotions engendered - as the catalyst of the New Nationalism - the World Corporate Identity.
6. these inequities - the result of manipulated National Governments [party politics] - are the ersatz religion by which those in control abrogate and usurp from all of Humankind the Dominion given to them and for them by God.

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