Saturday, October 3, 2009

Early Indicators:

the Trilateral Commission ... here is an international group of the western world's most powerful bankers, media leaders, scholars and government officials bent on radically changing the world in which we live ... what this non-elected group is setting out to do - with permission from no one - will indeed affect the individual freedom and economic status of every individual in the world, particularly the U.S.

economics, especially on a world-wide scale, is usually not very interesting to most people (perhaps, this is one reason that so few people know of the Trilateral Commission) - but since the Bible predicts the basis of power for the final one-world government, the revived form of the Roman Empire, will be centered around economics and trade, this analysis is absolutely imperative.

now I want to be clear at the outset: I am not calling the motives of the commission's members evil - so far as I know, the Trilateralist founders bringing stability and order to world trade - the fact that they stand to make some substantial profits and rise to positions of great political power is, I am sure, considered just rewards for their efforts.

if one doesn't know and believe what God's prophets have forecast about the last stages of history, then there appears to be but one solution for avoiding a holocaust - that solution would be to create some form of a central world government held together by economic interdependence - creating that form of government seems to be the Trilateral Commission's underlying motive.

the Trilateralists have assumed the right to make changes of global significance, changes which affect the freedoms of millions of people - they have done so with no public consultation, no debate, no election - they have brought about these changes in virtual secrecy - they have set out to capture the highest political offices in the U.S., Japan and the Common Market countries in order to make changes in national and international policy - but they have never informed the people in these countries of their plans ... I believe the Trilateralist movement is unwittingly setting the stage for the political-economic one-world system the Bible predicts for the last days ... what the Trilateralists are trying to establish will soon be controlled by the coming world leader - the Antichrist himself. -- [author Hal Linsey, The 1980s: Countdown to Armageddon, 1980]

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