Monday, October 5, 2009

Monetary Reform - Need and Method (excerpt 1 (1939)) con't

the scriptures teach that "if any man would not work, neither should he eat" - therefore those living as wilful parasites, making others work for them unjustly, should be refused money-issues as long as they persist in unnecessary idlenes - usury enables a man to do this, as today; but since it is an unjust means of living at other people's expense it is banned in God's Law - under the monetary system outlined above, it would become absolutely impossible for an idle man or a bad citizen to obtain food and clothing - on the other hand any man who has faithfully executed his week's work would be justly entitled to, and would receive from the community his weekly or monthly coupon-money or permits to purchase all he needs - if he were ill,that would be taken into consideration and he would still get it just the same - if he were too old to work he would get it also; just the same - thus a full livlihood would always be secured at all times for all good citizens. -- [Monetary Reform - Need and Method (excerpt 1 (1939)) based on(with inserts)/excerpt: John S. Fox, "Today, Tomorrow and the Great Beyond", 1939, 2nd edn. 1948]

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