Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 17

the problem is that it is a false sense of innocence based on victimhood - the projection of blame onto others is one of SEVERAL LAYERS OF DENIAL which we construct to obscure our memory of love and the truth about God's love for us - it is also THE LIE that keeps us separate and distant from others, distorting our personal relationships and disconnecting us from universal truths and ultimate happiness - we are functioning BEHIND A MASK, living a functional but passionless existence in order to safeguard ourselves against the levels of consciousness which lie beneath it.

if we can move through our mask, have the courage and willingness to examine our system of denial and defense, transcend our thoughts of attack and blame, and uncover what's underneath, then we come to the purpose of all relationships (fellowship, marriage, FAMILY) - when any two come together at any time, it is to correct this misperception of self - and it is in this connection that we have the opportunity to make the correction - without it, the ego thrives in isolation, sustaining its (selfish, deceived, vain imaginings) belief system -- if we don't heal together in the "holy encounter" of relationship, we will eventually be forced to do so, through some form of crisis in our lives. -- [based on Shared Vision Magazine, "Lessons in Love", A Course in Miracles, Mar.98]

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