Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MYND - Spiritual Alchemy: Open_Notes 7

escape the prisons of our disbelieving minds - love is what lies in wait under everything and is the only thing that's fact, the only thing that's real - everything else is in our imagination - when hearts are in sympathy, time collapses - when humans learn to love themselves, then they will not harm any person or thing on this planet - LOVE HEALS - keep opinions, conceits, vain imaginings vs. forcing it upon others - listening not talking - learning to listen vs. mind control - we speak loudest when we listen the most - most people just need a good listening to.

strip away the layers of denial - clothed with sackcloth (humility); filthy rags vs. robes of righteousness (fine linen); lies vs. truth - we must choose between human intellect, man's own reasoning, or the Tree of Life, representing REVEALED KNOWLEDGE from God - don't let the hits (of life, etc.), one-by-one, chop down the tree - satan's battle-axe, two-sided axe vs.two-edged sword (SacredWORD) - positive affirmation (everyday in everyway I am getting better), visualizations, acknowledging, self-esteem - positive image of self - fully expressing our "authentic self" vs. masking - being and doing:

feeding the hunger:
physical -- spiritual;
mental imprints -- new definitions;
impulses, urges (secular) -- spiritual manna, bread of life, new framework ;
world view -- universe view;
tainted waters -- pure water of life;
shallow well -- deep well;
human spirituality -- holy, righteous, spiritual character.

spiritual vacuum - a gulf between our "being" and our "doing" - the world's "tabloid theology" - spiritually empty -- stress, underlying depression > religion (self-medication, answers) -- "science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind". [-Albert Einstein]

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