Monday, October 19, 2009

The NWO Threat to America: excerpt 3

the next time we see Satan's one-world government concept it appears on the plains of Shinar, where Nimrod is building the Tower of Babel - the purpose: to kick God out of the affairs of men and to establish the government of Satan - the Tower of Babel was occultic with symbols of the Zodiac for decoration - God destroyed this first effort by confusing the tongues of men - that's where we get the languages of the world.

the third appearance of the NWO or the one-world government, was when Satan said to Jesus, if you will fall down and worship me I will give you the kingdoms of this world - they were his to give and he was promising Jesus, if you will worship me, you need not go to Calvary, you need not die, if you will worship me I will give you the NWO and we can rule together - Satan wanted to keep Christ from going to the Cross because it is through the Blood of the Cross that all sins are forgiven and that Satan's kingdom was forever defeated - Satan has been promising the world to anyone who would worship him.

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