Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Re_version 5

Economics: the Devil's Commandments [the love (friendship; associate) of money is the root of all evil] - natural love replaced [need(s) provision replacement] -- time_equity [work contribution] for society (in whatever field and degree of education attained) appreciated in the concept of persEquity will replace the payment of money and the profit motive in securing for the individual and the communitarian entity the goods and services that will be available for all on an equal basis -- the persEquity of Humankind has to replace the SAGE-Corporate creation of wealth concept that has resulted in the inequities and wars of past and present, that has raped the Earth, that has held people down under layers of government, all for the artificial god of man, which is money - the artificial symbiosis of society (threaded by money) = parasitism; Mammonas [of Aramaic origin (confidence, ie., wealth, personified) 1 mammon, treasure, riches (where it is personified and opposed to God) Strong's Concordance no. 3126] -- communitarian support of people who, in their varying fields of interest, are working toward creating a world where all people: are free; exercise their God-given inalienable rights; respect the opinions, beliefs, and knowledge of others; respect our Earth; are allowed to feed, clothe and shelter themselves.

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