Thursday, October 8, 2009

Surviving The Bottom Line: Open_Notes 1

living on the bottom line - nothing to offer society - marginalized - off the page, record - at the margin of society - nobody - meaning nothing to society - stoop labour - disemployed; out of work, esp., because of lack of skill, training, or education, rather than because work is unavailable - skill-set outdated - square peg vs. a new round hole - too old to be a young superstar - inappropriate ways to assess an individuals ability and aptitude - at the end-of-the-road, no skills, no education, no job, no family - carried as far as I can go with what I have - journey halted.

inert adj. [L. iners, without skill or art, idle < in-, not + ars (gen. artis), skill, ART] 1 having inertia; without power to move, act, or resist 2 tending to be physically or mentally inactive; dull; slow 3 having few or no active properties - inertia n. [L lack of art or skill, ignorance < iners] 1 Physics; the tendency of matter to remain at rest if at rest, or, if moving,to keep moving in the same direction, unless affected by some outside force 2 a tendency to remain in a fixed condition without change; disinclination to move or act.

erosion, worn down; no foundation to build on - life stripped to the fundamentals, reduced to the simplest truths, thrown into disarray, structure and order gone, safety gone - command-path discontinuity [1 lack of continuity or logical sequence 2 a gap or break] - barely a person in society's definition, view - not invalid, but in_valid [having no force, null or void] - disenfranchised - disengaged from the community; under_class.

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