Monday, October 19, 2009

The Trilateral Commission: excerpt 7

another favorite of the commission is another of its members, Arkansas Democratic Gov. Bill Clinton who has been touted as a presidential possibility by the Rockefeller controlled media for many years even in fact before he was actually elected governor -- [2-term President 1992-2000] -- Clinton, interestingly, is also a former Rhodes scholar -- the Rhodes scholarships were established by British financier Cecil Rhodes who hoped for an ultimate reunification of the United States and Britain - the young academics awarded Rhodes scholarships are indoctrinated with this philosophy and charged with the responsibility of promulgating its ultimate aim; indeed, one leading Trilateralist has said that an "ideal" would, in fact, be the establishment of a single politico-economic entity composed of a merger of the United States and Britain.

it might be added that there is yet another Trilateral presidential possibility, like Clinton a Rhodes scholar - this is former basketball star Bill Bradley, a New Jersey Democrat now serving his second term in the Senate - again like Clinton, Bradley was actually being promoted for the presidency by the media even before he even won his first election to public office -- [running for the Democratic nomination vs. VP Al Gore in the 2000 election race] -- it would, of course, be a drastic disservice not to mention another prominent commission member who, like his brother Trilateralist's, was also widely promoted as a possible presidential candidate even before he was first elected to public office - this is Sen. John D. (Jay) Rockefeller IV (D-W.VA.), heir to power and money and his late uncle Nelson's hunger for high office -- these are just a few of the potential Trilateral favorites being mentioned for the White House - there will no doubt be several more. -- [excerpts 1-7] [based on Fidonet, Media Watch 11-25-93, The SPOTLIGHT Special Ed., February, 1990]

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