Thursday, October 8, 2009

Turning Down The Volume: Open_Notes 3

the "battle of values" (ie. left, right, various divisions) has resulted in our society taking the narratives out of the description so that no one is offended - the "balkanization" of America - each group having it's own grievance, it's own bias, wants to tell it's own story - "a nation" requires values, a narrative, it's own story, mythic, people have to believe something is there, an identity - we are becoming more tribal, moving away from finding our common ground; a return to tribalism to find an identity - today the young no longer grasp this vision of common ground, and the "peace narrative" is not a substitute.

major cultural events, ie. the death of Diana, end of Seinfeld series - entertaining, amusing ourselves to death - TV news "show" incl. music - assuring the audience that everything is alright, calm news anchor, commercials, music in place (filters) vs. troubling news, the trembling of history - journalists should be there helping us to understand, there has to be some meaning to our interest vs. trivia - the language of expression is missing, not found - taking a stand, opinions not encouraged by the media, advertisers, politics, etc. (ie. the excuse of journalistic objectivity, conflict of interest rules).

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