Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Adversarial Culture: Open_Notes 2

some of the opposition is structural - politics, media, law - it is the abuse of it, the automatic, ritualized use of these adversarial approaches, frameworks - press lapdog > watchdog > attack dog - a dog busy attacking is not watching - no serious time-consuming investigation (not adversarial, confrontational enough) of important matters - political abuse, legal discovery system abuse, abuse of the structures there to protect the public - progress is a matter of error and correction.

there is no longer talking and listening - is is now talking and waiting to talk - when you are having an argument, you're not trying to understand their point of view, if you hear them say something that has some truth in it you ignore it, when they say something you know you can leap on, that's the one you pick out to respond to - wanting to win the argument - negotiate conflicts so they don't destroy us - our lives - put aside the ethic of aggression (confrontation the best way) - confrontation leads to resistance.

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