Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 12

since at most one faith can be true, it follows that human beings are extremely liable to believe firmly and honestly in something untrue in the field of revealed religion (the many are deceived) - obedience required for a good understanding (a good understanding have they who OBEY His commandments) - the New Physics = the deeper philosophical implications of science - the finitude of time (covering eternity) - space-time (only) records a body of truth - spatiotemporal generations, [1. existing in both space and time 2. of space-time] written on the fabric, authored and encoded, growth rings, time frames - the quantum code of space-time - time the mechanism, space the medium of recording.

Universal Grid - energy/matter - "golden wire woven into the fabric" (the threads, string theory) - spiritual-eternal woven into the fabric of space-time - the "Einstein-DeSitter Universe" - DeSitter surrounds and touches our universe at every point, another dimension - a potential barrier between our continuum and DeSitter Space (extreme energy, matter density 10^93 g/cm^3; ie. water = 1g/cm^3 at freezing) -- the shifting texture of empty space, the complex network of transmutations [a breach or puncture of the large potential barrier of DeSitter Space might result in a "supernova from experimentation" (particle physics, quantum mechanics, accelerator use of increased energies, experimentation from high-energy physics, ie. +/- 20TBeV) - transition to DeSitter Space (plugging into) "termination of existence" threat to the Earth, local system to 50LY].

A "white hole" window into the primordial energies - monopolar window into DeSitter Space - always goes towards crunch, opens and closes, control mechanism built into space-time - larger events ie., quasars, galaxies exploding, monopolar, one single jet coming out - smaller events bipolar, two-jets coming out ["Quantum Tunneling Towards An Exploding Universe" article, Apr.86, Journal "Nature", Theoretical Physics] - physicists willing to take the risks - "Holy Quest" research for truths, answers - multi-dimensional physics.

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