Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 13

the Universe contains the principle of its order within itself - the Universe contains within itself the reason for its own existence - influences not restrained by time - "God does not play dice" [Einstein] - Earth the future home of God's Throne -- "Crystal Ball" singularity not apparent to the observer - lens through which the universe appears uniform and expanding in all directions - "Empyrean" [1. the highest heaven; specf. a) among the ancients, the sphere of pure light or fire; b) among christian poets, the abode of God 2. the sky; the celestial vault; firmament] -- the Singularity = the distinction between matter, energy and thought.

God spreadeth out the heavens as a tent (11 dimensions, goat's hair) to dwell in - God dwells within his creation (10 curtains of fine linen covered by the 11 of goat's hair) - within the sphere of the universe - a cube within the sphere - God inhabits eternity but can occupy time, but is not limited by time (timeless) - the universe (metagalaxy, the measurable material universe) as we know it is the surface of God's realm (space-time surface of a spiritual-eternal universe) and is an extension of, and sustained by, that realm (God is holding it in being by His physical laws, His scripture of creation, and His Holy Spirit, His very agency) - space-time is rooted in and draws nourishment from the spiritual-eternal.

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