Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 14

the first instant of the "big bang" (creation of space, matter, time), where space was infinitely shrunken, [not shrunken - did not yet exist, the instant of creation happened upon the totality of the surface of God's realm, the spiritual universe and expanded out not from a singular point but from a singular boundless surface] represents a boundary or edge in time at which space ceases to exist [eternity = time beyond the horizon] - physicists call such a boundary a "singularity" - space is inextricably linked to time, and as space stretches and shrinks, so does time - just as the big bang represents the creation of space, so it represents the creation of time - neither space nor time can be extended back through the initial singularity [the spiritual-eternal universe].

gravity is a universal force, acting between all material bodies in the cosmos - Einstein's idea of curved space-time [covering the spherical singularity] explains gravity - the force of gravity powers all large-scale cosmic phenomena - the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics (order to disorder with time in isolated systems) coupled with gravity (in the expanding universe, the cosmic material comes under the influence of the cosmological gravitational field, the cumulative gravity of the rest of the universe) opens the way for the injection of order into the cosmic material by the gravitational field - the expanding universe (temperature differentials) is capable of creating order where none existed before (the universe started out with a highly ordered, low entropy, gravitational field, smooth and uniform, containing immense potential for generating complexity).

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