Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 16

an alternative picture vs. quark theory (elementary building blocks), permitted by quantum theory, is that there are no elementary particles at all - instead every particle (at least every subnuclear particle) is made up of every other - no particle is elementary or primitive, but each contains something of the identity of the others - the idea of a system of particles generating themselves in a self-consistent loop of explanation - quanta functioning as one [one quantum family] - string vibration [harmony] transmutations. -- [based on Scientific American]

the 4th dimension TIME is 3-DIMENSIONAL - L motion, B location, H event - the duration (entire period of existence of the known universe; finite duration; the physical expression of infinity) and the continuum (the period of existence of the quanta; the physical expression of eternity) -- time is the Desitter LBH "quantifier of potential" (the quantum limit, the bounds; to determine or express the quantity of existence) used to measure all other desitter LBH results - the spatiotemporal (existing in both space and time; of space-time) particles - the quanta (the physical monadic expression; the flavors and colors) - the quantum reSONAnce - the "quantity" or "quantum" (a specified quantity) of vibration - spherical harmonics - the potential expression.

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