Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 17

the speed of light is the standard of measure - time is photonic - light a quanta of electromagnetic energy having both particle and wave properties outside of the singularity boundary [the event horizon into Desitter - the spiritual monad interface - infinity (without limit, without bounds) - time beyond the horizon; the vanishing point - not space-time-corporeal existence but infinite-eternal-spiritual existence] having no charge or mass but possessing momentum and energy (photon; binding force) -- a physical reflection of the spiritual (to express or show, to give back an image or likeness, mirrored, reproduce, to bend or throw back) - the universe made after the image and likeness ("let us make man in our image and after our likeness") of the spiritual universe - God reproducing the spiritual universe and the God Family (God reproducing himself through man) - spiritual to physical/spiritual.

the universe knows itself by us - our minds, our consciousness - the universe is now the multiverse - the physical reflection of the spiritual - God is knower, known, and knowing - an expansion of mind - the universe is God's agency, a physical matrix (a brain as such) - 100B galaxies (ea. 100B stars) and growing; 10tBB stars - dendriform - our brain is of the same model - quantum neurotransmitters - speed of thought - light the physical determinant, Holy Spirit the spiritual determinant -- the microcosm mirrors the macrocosm and vice-versa = the meta_cosm.

universe itself germinated (15B years ago; light horizon), growing (singularity a seed) - monad nutrition (Holy Spirit, Water of Life, upholds ALL things [Heb 1:3]) - roots deep into the singularity - (as the circle of knowledge grows, so does its outside edges of ignorance) = SONA (universal growth - uncontained vs. contained) - outside edges (2 Peter 2:4 tartaros [hell], Jude 1:6 zophos [darkness], separated from truth) -- mesh screen - mesh [MDu maesche, ODu maske, IE base mezg-, to knit,entwine; (MEZGNOSIS; spiritual knowledge, creation process from within; INWIT) OE max, a net 1 any of the open spaces of a net, screen, etc. 2 a net or network 3 anything that entangles, snares, entraps] -- to knit, entwine (string theory).

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