Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 19

speed of gravity EXCEEDS the speed of light, ie., sun light 08 min to the earth, yet the earth pulled by the sun to its present position not its position 08 minutes ago -- gravity propulsion will be able to exceed the light-speed barrier -- possible factor of 1M-1Bx.

dendriform universe - galactic clusters = leaves on branches - 2 trees to 12 -- monad/pixel comparison; dot pitch, pixel depth (24-bit, etc.) -- gravity wells (galaxies, suns, planets, etc.), dot pitch increases; active matrix from singularity -- black hole evolution into an elementary particle [string theory] - regression into a single point (not an elementary particle but into Desitter upon exceeding singularity boundary parameters) into "the golden thread" - black hole "mazers" microwave stream (laser), jet into space; squeezed out; equal pressure from all sides into center; microwaves expelled; exceeds the speed of light ?? -- event horizon; monad fusion ??, gravity ++ and/or monad binding (blurring, smearing of matter/energy) into monad fusion -- uniform background radiation NOT "big bang" residue; monad signature -- gravity = monad effect, flow (density = gravity).

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