Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 20

time = motion (quantum vibration, motion) - [early greek language; time "chronos, tyros (generation of the spherical shape into aeon (volumetric space-time)" - the entirety - micro into macrocosm --
a-ether = aeon (intelligently acting energy)] -- monad theory (HS) -- speed of light = monad frequency; at the speed of light, time stops; motion lock to sympathetic monadic wave field (photon wave properties, momentum, energy), perpetual motion, linear propulsion; speed constant -- light is beyond time -- gravity (the opposite ??) = actualized space/time density; pixels activated; depth determines gravity intensity (also monad transmutation to particles+ flow to monad-to-monad existence; ea. monad an address, "monad_dress" - particle activation = dressed) -- time exists +/- in relation to monad_frequency (the singularity pulse); there is a time constant (an activation, matter/energy generational constant); time constant to universe growth; red-shifted in all directions due to time constant vantage (same if viewed from another vantage point; (A from B, C from B) [singularity rs C rs B rs A] - expansion increases in relation to distance from singularity; gravity less; monad activation (pixel depth) less; develops with time -- expansion held in check by developing universe; gravity check; universe will not expand into non-existence, nor will it collapse in on itself; the universe will expand into eternity to development ++ (fabric of space repair mechanism built-in vs. rips, tears) -- monad = neuron.

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