Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 2

Physical Creation - LIFE - Physical Laws, Scripture of Creation - Genomic Scriptures - Genome: Book of Man (Scriptures: Book of God) -- the continuing Creation (Spiritual Laws), created in Christ Jesus (Creator, "the Word"), His Workmanship (Eph. 2:10, G4160/G4161 to band together).

language - PURE - without flaw (genetics, etc.), refined, tested - the Word - words, sentences, speech (disease/flaws) - He calls them all by name; spoke and it was done -- evolution is a belief system - the more science (scripture of creation) reveals, the laws of nature, the more improbable evolution becomes - the mathematical odds bear witness - biogenesis (life cannot come from non-life) - Heb 1:3 upholding ALL things by the word of his power -- natural selection has avoided detection -- Bible Code - word (image G1504, G5481, G4487(G4483) [Strong's] string/joined - upholding (G5342) ALL THINGS by the word of his power - the "Holy Word" BLUEPRINT of Creation - God's Law was not only etched in stone, but is etched in creation and will be etched in every heart and mind of the Beings of Creation, to become the Creator Beings.

* DNA = interface between living (being) and non-living.
* Singularity = interface between physical and spirit; interface between time and eternity; interface between natural and supernatural; Unified Field Theory - the Theory of Everything; Quantum Theory (** Holy Spirit sustains all, binds all **) (electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear force, gravity).

* String vibration (harmony) determines particles.
* Music of the Spheres = Harmonies of Nature (creation).
* 10 Dimensions - 3 LBH, 7 (mathematical), 11 Time.
* 10 Commandments; L - before me; B - graven image; H - name in vain; T - Sabbath (name ABOVE all) (Above on Below) God's Authority on the Earth (COG, KOG).
* String Theory = Garment (threads, 10 dimensions needed): Psm 104:2 Light Garment - Isa 40:22 Heavens Curtain (fabric of space) - spreadeth them out as a tent (a tabernacle) to dwell in - Ex 26:8 Eleven (11) Curtains covering Tabernacle (goats hair); Ten (10) Curtains to make the Tabernacle (fine linen).
* Eternity = 12th Dimension; God Family (= 13th Dimension) = Spirit (pure spirit beings); Eternity surrounds and permeates time - nothing to do with time - outside the realm of time - a different plane of existence - time beyond the horizon - God inhabits eternity.
* Membranes (M-Theory) Space 10/11 Time: G3200 membrana "membrane" parchment; H1799 record, memorandum; H4040 roll, scroll, book (H4039) H1556 rolled:
- Isa 34:4 The heavens shall be rolled together as a scroll.
- Rev 6:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together.
- Heavens Bowed - fabric of space-time folded (folding fabric of space).
- 2 Sam 22:10; Psm 18:9, 144:5 - infinite velocity (speed of thought).
- Isa 51:6 The heavens shall vanish away like smoke (Psm 104:2; Isa 40:22).

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