Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 3

Beyond (the physical) comprehension - a new level of reality - the best of what's being taught and said - climbing the mountain of faith and hope - virtues of obedience and deference to authority -- authority = a firm basis for knowing and acting (mindwalk) - "the function of religious authority is the empowerment of the divine authority in all those who are under authority" (-unknown) -- Father in loving command - strong family structure - set outside the social structure - acceptance (not a forcing) of identity - what we are - pillars holding up the temple of doctrine - supreme standard - family centered not self-centered - outgoing concern.

upright, law-abiding wholesome citizen, respect for others and property, courtesy, truthfulness and reliability - Common Law: do no harm, cause no loss - able to manage own affairs and to share in the responsibility for the affairs of the community - building a strong family relationship - FAMILY to equip and inspire with proper goals, values, knowledge, understanding and self-discipline to strengthen community and nation - character and purpose oriented - dedicated to the community - a preparation to meet realities head-on with strength and ability.

God's view vs. the secular view (secularized in outlook) - triple A (AAA) - Addiction (Satan's Way) to Adaptation (God's Way) to Adoption/Addition (Family of God) - 10C God's guidelines, parameters to live by, abide by - fullest expression of God's love - love God and what He stands for - "Adherents of the Ten" - 2 Sam 22; Psalm 18 - Mount Sinai; Sermon on the Mount; Transfiguration Mount - holding each other in the highest respect - loyalty = a guarantee of trust vs. betrayal; loyalty and service - we are witnessing the end of this world's future and planning and preparing for the next - Our Calling = to restore the Government of God - the journey from death of life to life of death - concept of themselves within - calling forth their own response and sense of responsibility vs. nonconformity - inclusiveness - a community of involvement, a separate place entirely, with its own rules and processes - I am there, inside.

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