Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 5

healing - physical and spiritual sickness, debts - God caring for His people - includes restoration, restoration to one's family and friends from sickness - healing and eating - release from debts (poverty, sin) and destitution (sickness and hunger) -- without spiritual food we starve to death - we have to deepen ourselves spiritually - real spiritual depth, understanding - spiritual strength to stand up and admit faults, errors - reject any margins of error as compromise - strive, succeed - personal growth vs. recession (debts, living beyond means), depression - deep things of God vs. retreating deeper and deeper into my own territory, into my own Mynd - increasing and better personal organization to ensure growth, strength - a radical re-design of our lives, attitudes needed.

walking out of sin (Egypt) into the promised land (KOG) - out of Satan's kingdom into Christ's Kingdom - Caananites (Satan type) opposed their entrance - become a spiritual warrior - warrior mentality vs. sin - our strength, success is in "knowing" obedience - right with God (righteousness) - our sins are the one thing between us and the Kingdom of God -- individually we have an obligation to come out of sin - responsibility to the whole nation, family - for God or for the adversary - attitude, preparation - circumcision of our hearts - desperate need for Jesus Christ - the Bible is a map to the wilderness and a guide to the promised land - step back in awe at how far we have come, and in how far we have to go.

spiritual laws/physical laws (scripture of creation) - 2 databases = PROOF OF GOD - experience the evidence, the truth - the physical is a manifestation of the spiritual - active, living, immutable laws - the physical cannot understand/explain the spiritual - the natural/carnal is a shadow on the spiritual - enmity vs. God - no shadow of turning - an occlusion (occlude - conceal, hide, or obscure; to close, shut, or block) of the truth -- inclusion vs. occlusion -- the same yesterday, today, tomorrow - James 1:17 no variableness, neither shadow of turning - ONE WAY - present determined by the future vs. present determined by the past - the Vision - we are allowed to spend our days with the future - the opportunity is too rare and important to be wasted.

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