Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 6

THE ANCIENT FUTURE - the FAMILY OF GOD - the God-Father, God-Son, God-Wife (Bride, Helpmate), God-Children - God = first principle - first cause (source) - unified field theory answered - creation (H7218, 7223; 4416,4413, 4412, 746) upheld - Firstfruits (orig. transl. of vulg. "primitiae" Ex 33:16) - FIRST cause, fruits, family; taught first hand (from the original,producer or source, direct); first light (day star) - collective yet individual consciousness - Mind going where no one has gone before - General Assembly, Church of the Firstborn - Ministry of Reconciliation - the beginning, the end, THE ONE who is many - order to chaos - THE TEN - accountable to God and the Family - we don't belong to this world; we belong to God, the Family of God.

God became human in order that every human being may become God - no one can know the divine reality except by means of God's own self-knowledge - we actually share God's self-knowledge in and through the Holy Spirit - we know God from within - we share in God's own self-knowledge - we have received the Spirit of God so that we may know the gifts of God - God is knower, known, and knowing -- Ye are Gods (H430); Micah 4:5; Psalm 138:1, 136:2, 135:5, 97:7, 95:3, 86:8, 82:6 - Saviours Ne 9:27; Ob 1:21.

the Way (H5641 "CATHAR" secret); Deut 29:29 - Alchemist - Philosophers STONE = Christ the Word (base metals into gold) - TouchSTONE = Christ's righteousness - precious corner stone (tried); Eph 2:20; Isa 28:16 - Jewels, precious stones, many colours - reflected (G541) brightness; Heb 1:3; Prov 4:18 - Ezek 1:28 cut to a brilliance by God's two-edged sword, His Word (H3313, 5051, 5050, 3368, 3365, 215, 216, 2987, 2989) - Zech 9:16 stones of a crown - polish (H1508, 1305, 2404, 7044, 7043), facets (personality) - gems, light, reflection - developing your own personal spectrum.

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