Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Ancient Future: Open_Notes 7

* the fundamental driving force of Humankind;
* the determinant force in guiding one's life, beliefs and actions;
* the search for the Absolute - Intellectual Intelligence;
* the hunger in Man's Soul for imprintation;
* the Essence of Being - Learning and Serving;
* the expression of one's Heritage and Identity.

SPIRITUALITY as "experience," a direct knowledge of absolute Spirit in the here and now - and as "praxis," a knowledge that transforms the way I live out my life in this world - spirituality lets meaning flow into daily life - spirituality is a way of being -- RELIGION brings out the "intellectual dimension" of spirituality, when it seeks to understand and express the original experience in words and concepts, and then it brings out the "social dimension," when it makes the experience a principle of life and action for a community - translated into everyday living, religion becomes spirituality; institutionalized it becomes "a religion" - our religious instinct as human beings is a thirst for meaning - an encounter with mystery, an insight through which our restless search finds rest, a dynamic kind of rest, a sense of belonging that urges us on with new longing - the core of religion - our very life is a quest, a questioning -- God is the reference point of our belonging - "I belong," "Here I find my place," "This is it," and, at the same time, "Here I am" -- THEOLOGY is the effort to understand what religion implies - penetration into the unnameable mystery [source BTTU].

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