Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Common Place - A Redefinition of Mankind

The premise of this blog is to document understandings of, interactions with, and responsibilities to the world but also humankind's descent into an era - the endtimes if you will - signifying the event horizon of our civilization and the planet that supports it.

The attempt of vested corporate and political interests to coalesce into a New World Order (media term), growing social malaise and tribalization, pollution and degradation of the Earths' environment, the promise of science, the lack of promise for most of the undeveloped world's people, and the varied quests for spiritual meaning, are some of the indicators that are reported and commented upon within the blog.

Various media and public sources are excerpted and summarized, cohesive and together with personal thoughts and conclusions, to report the events and influences that I believe are leading the world's people to the time of decision -- the material is in no way complete - this is an ongoing work - a lifetime of study remains - it is my wish that all would gather their own commonplace writings (book/blog), to examine themselves, their motivations, their impact on others, and to share that work as a gift, to contribute another building block to the foundation of community, without which none of us will survive.

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