Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Corporation: excerpt 5

now, therefore, the time has come to liberate our friends and compatriots trapped inside the ethical perdition of the corporate form - they know what is right, just like the rest of us - like the rest of us, they understand some of what must be done - yet they are powerless to do the right thing and make the needed changes -- we could liberate our compatriots from the corporate form by providing corporations with at least two key changes, to give them real incentives to curb their own worst tendencies: [4] -- One: we could remove from corporations the Constitutional protections of a natural person (for clearly they are nothing like one) -- Two: we could revoke the corporate charters of those that insist on doing major harm - "three strikes and you're out," is the current phrase advocated for individual criminals, and it could be applied to corporations - three felony convictions and you lose your corporate charter - the corporate charter is the paper, issued by state legislatures, that bestows upon any corporation the privilege of doing business - denying a corporation the full Constitutional protections enjoyed by a natural person is only logical - natural persons can go to jail or face fines that bring ruin - but corporations cannot go to jail or even be effectively fined - corporations cannot feel embarrassment, guilt or remorse - to restore to corporations some human dimension, they could be denied the Constitutional protections of the individual citizen.

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