Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 10

government = command and control system maintained by laws and enforced by threat of penalty [monetary, freedom] - the threat is maintained by armed force [police, military] - the entity by which the corporate guardian elite control a multi-layered society and the relations domestic and foreign of that society - the control necessary for the achievement of alliancersatz-- the abrogation of democracy - the elected - elected to represent society; giving away control, power to the multinationals - global economy - treason to society, electorate.

a conditioned society - free from tangles - adherents of the consensus - homeo(stasis) n. homeostatic adj. [any analogous maintenance of stability or equilibrium, as within a social group] -- solubility [the quality, condition, or extent of being soluble; capability of being dissolved]; solubilize [to make or become soluble, dissolve] - dissolve vs. solve, dissolution vs. solution - the social solvent [to be able to pay all one's debts or meet all responsibilities imposed by society = solvency vs. insolvent].

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