Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 11

associate(-ion) vs. dissociable, dissociate(-ion) -- Svengali (the evil hypnotist, Svengali, in the novel Trilby (1894) by Du Maurier) - [a person who attempts to dominate another, usually with evil or selfish intentions] - sucking, puffing on the cigarette of life (lit by the fires in the mind of man) vs. refined mind (freed from impurities) - "mutton heads" sheep to the slaughter - another politic(kle), why am I not laughing? - politic(ked-off) - backstroking in the big toilet bowl.

the most powerful should be servant of all - where power is separated from responsibility, it is corrupted - "the law should be stable, but should never stand still" (-Oliver Wendell Holmes) - two sets of laws, one for the rich, one for the poor; standing still for privilege - in the eyes of the law all are equal - but the eyes of the law are human eyes, with the same prejudices - until we can see each other as equals the law will reflect what we see -- those in control (the SAGE) have power over the law.

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