Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Dissociated Path: Open_Notes 14

"You never change anything by fighting the existing; to change something, build a new model and make the existing one obsolete" (-Buckminster Fuller) - life pushed to the limits of endurance - a world of pure desolation and brutal extremes - where survival is a constant risk - near to the absolute limit - the outer reaches of life - terminators vs. protectors - surrounded by fragile technology - illusion of safety and comfort - we all have to agree on what is real for it all to work; what holds us together.

paranoia is just reality on a finer scale - the issue is not if you are paranoid but if you are paranoid enough - a shift of paradigms requires not only an expansion of our perceptions and ways of thinking, but also of our values - "I live simply so that others may simply live" (-M. Ghandi) -- "a new paradigm - self-assertion to integration - as far as thinking is concerned, a shift from the rational to the intuitive, from analysis to synthesis, from reductionism to holism, from linear to nonlinear thinking - as far as values are concerned, a corresponding shift from competition to cooperation, from expansion to conservation, from quantity to quality, from domination to partnership" (-unknown).

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